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Product Performance 1 排盤下料生產實例 1

Product Performance 2 排盤下料生產實例 2

Product Performance 3 排盤下料生產實例 3

Product Performance 4 排盤下料生產實例 4

Product Performance 5 排盤下料生產實例 5

About Us

Tze Ping Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, is a professional manufacturer for open die re-header.
Our company focuses on R&D. The manufacturing machine has applied multi-national patents. Besides patents, all machines also conform to CE standards to ensure the stability of production quality.

Our machinery has four product features, including material-saving, low cost molds, shorten processing time, and products with infinitely lengthened possibility. The company has innovative ideas to improve production processes to meet each customer's needs.

  • Material-saving
  • Low cost molds
  • Shorten processing time
  • Products with infinitely lengthened possibility